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Insuring a Healthy Cyber Life With Basic Maintenance

Insuring a healthy cyber life with basic maintenance
Stand-alone cyber insurance policies, this way everyone can cash in on cyber war and cyber security….think about it.
Addressing the growing threat. It would seem that criminals aren’t the only ones who stand to make money off cybercrime.

“As more and more people and devices become ‘connected’ and companies and economies continue to advance technologically, the exposure to cyber incidents will grow, and opportunities for criminals and hackers will increase,” FICO survey says that half of U.S. firms do not have cyber security risk insurance, and of those that don’t, 61 percent don’t even have the intent of getting a policy.
It’s not that people don’t see the risk. The problem is that they mis-prioritize the risks. The aforementioned attacks have done a good job of keeping ransomware and targeted attacks in the public eye, yet good old conventional malware still causes the most trouble overall. They say the best offense is a good defense. cyber incident reporting frameworks and cyber incidents are not always updated or reported to infrastructures.
The world of IOT has become a complete cyber-mess and the future needs to prioritize it’s defense.
Basic IT ‘hygiene’ can help maintain a healthy cyber style, have the latest updates been installed? Are passwords strong enough? Have backups been made and their restoration tested? Such simple things are so important, but often neglected.”


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