Startup uses database tech from the NSA and Facebook to detect fraudsters


A San Mateo, California, startup called Argyle Data released its flagship anti-fraud software on Thursday, claiming it’s built from the same technologies that let organizations such as Facebook and the National Security Agency analyze their many petabytes of data.

The product, called ArgyleDB, uses the open source Accumulo database technology developed by the NSA to perform deep-packet inspection and create massive databases from that data. Argyle uses Facebook’s open source Presto technology to let users analyze that data using SQL queries and automate future queries against live data. Both technologies are designed to store and analyze data that’s stored in Hadoop, the popular open-source big data platform.

Like nearly every security or fraud-detection company that has launched in recent history, Argyle also uses machine learning algorithms to detect fraud patterns across datasets much too large for humans to make sense of themselves.

But the use of Accumulo and Presto is the…

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Ken Akamatsu bemoans Britain’s child pornography sentencing


1000px-Anime_eye.svg“The days of quietly drawing whatever you like are already over”

Robul Hoque, a 39-year-old resident of Middlesbrough, England, was recently given a suspended sentence of nine months in prison for possession of child pornography when investigators found “manga” drawings of schoolgirls on his computer. The sentence is suspended so long as Hoque follows the court’s guidelines for two years, but manga artist Ken Akamatsu (Love Hina, Negima! Magister Negi Magi) disapproved of the conviction and reacted to the news on Twitter.

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